Research Laboratories

Lab Name Main Activity
Spectroscopic Analysis Electrical characterization of solid materials, low-dimensional materials, and films of appropriately treated materials
Scientific Computing Data analysis using software and calculation procedures
Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis Characterization of the thermodynamic properties of materials
MNS Chemistry Storage of chemical products and processing
Drones and Data ProcessingDroni e CED Support for drones and GIS data processing
MNS Electronics Development of electronic and electrical circuits and testing of scientific instrumentation
Thin Films Analysis of surfaces and thin film layers
Environmental Physics Monitoring and experimental characterization of environmental parameters; modeling and prediction of climatic weather parameters
Applied Physics Structural characterization using optical techniques
Laser-Generated Plasma Physics Diagnostics of laser-generated plasmas and deposition of thin films
Low-Temperature Physics Structural characterization of glassy systems
Geochemistry Analysis of heavy metals and trace elements
Geophysics Territorial and urban geophysical diagnostics and development of data acquisition and processing methodologies
Geology Sedimentological, mineralogical, and petrographic analysis of incoherent and coherent rocks, as well as geophysical survey activities
Forensic Geology Forensic Geology
Geomorphology Geomorphological analysis
Integrated Experimental Techniques Characterization of interdisciplinary material systems using integrated complementary spectroscopic techniques
Microanalysis Electron microscopy and X-ray fluorescence for morphological and compositional analysis
Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy Nanometer-scale analysis of electronic properties of materials
Electron Microscopy and X-ray Microfluorescence Mineralogical analysis of inorganic compounds, SEM microscopy, and determination of heavy metals in rock and environmental matrices
Optical Microscopy for Mineralogical Analysis Optical microscopy analysis
Nanomaterials Synthesis of nanostructured materials
Nanotechnologies Morphological-structural characterization of nanostructured systems
Nuclear A Development of electronic and electrical circuits and testing of scientific instrumentation
Nuclear B Detector testing laboratory
Nuclear C Acquisition chain testing laboratory
Paleontology Analysis of paleontological findings
Preparative Preparation of glassy samples, colloidal systems, biomimetic membranes
X-rays High and low angle diffraction. X-ray micro-radiography and tomography
Sedimentology Preparation of sedimentary rock samples and geomorphological analysis
Soft matter Measurements of optical spectroscopy and viscoelasticity
Photocorrelation Spectroscopy Characterization of diffusive and micro-rheological properties of colloidal systems
Dielectric and Acoustic Spectroscopy Spectroscopy Characterization through dielectric and acoustic spectroscopy
Photoelectron Spectroscopy Qualitative and quantitative analysis of materials using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Nonlinear Spectroscopy Nonlinear optical characterizations of composite systems
Optical MNS Spectroscopy Characterization of materials using optical techniques
Raman and IR Spectroscopy Structural characterization through Raman and IR spectroscopy
Optical and Ultrafast Spectroscopies Structural characterization of materials using Raman and FTIR spectroscopy
Spectroscopic Techniques Characterizations using DLS
Ultrasound and High Pressures Synthesis of materials under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure and characterization of elastic properties