Museo di Mineralogia

Third Mission

The term "Third Mission" refers to a set of activities through which universities and public research institutions interact directly with society, providing a contribution that complements the traditional missions of teaching and research.

The Third Mission includes:

  • Economic valorization of knowledge;
  • Cultural and social valorization.

In the first case, its goal is to promote economic growth by transforming the knowledge produced by research into practical knowledge for productive purposes. In the second case, it involves the production of public goods that enhance societal well-being. These goods can have:

  • Cultural content (events and cultural assets, management of museum centers, archaeological excavations, scientific outreach);
  • Social content (public health, community benefit activities, technical/professional consultations provided in teams);
  • Educational content (adult education, lifelong learning, continuous training);
  • Civil awareness content (public debates and controversies, scientific expertise).

The Third Mission activities of the department are particularly intense, and its recent activities can be categorized as follows: