Cerchi tecnologici


The research activities of the MIFT Department are organized around diverse and distinct themes, involving both structured and non-structured research staff (postdoctoral researchers, phd students and research fellows), belonging to different scientific-disciplinary sectors within the Department. Technical university staff and researchers from other institutions are also involved to varying degrees in diverse research activities.

In order to optimize these activities, the Department has established a structure with three Sections:

  • Physics
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Earth Sciences

These correspond to the three CUN disciplinary areas (01, 02, and 04) originally at the foundation of the departmental project and have a proactive role in the development of their respective research areas.

There are also interdisciplinary activities or activities from other SSD (CHIM/01, ING-IND/31, ING-INF/05) in some cases arising from interactions with companies in the regional and national territory.