General Services (Operational Unit)

Mr. Calvo Massimo (Office Manager) tel.: 090 6765033 

Technical Services Section
Dr. Spadaro Salvatore tel.: 090 6765466
Mr. Bonanno Domenico tel.: 090 6765802
Mr. Cosio Daniele tel.: 090 6765802
Mr. Cosio Emanuele tel.: 090 6765456

  • Administrative document workflow wanagement
  • Management of Service Laboratories (Electronics, Informatics, Mechanics)
  • Interface with University Technical Services
  • Support for Procurement Procedures (Technical Sector)
  • Support for Educational Activities
  • Transportation and Handling of Equipment
  • Inventory Discharge
  • Planning and Execution of Departmental Operational Objectives

I.T. Services Section 
Dr. Reggio Maria Teresa tel.: 090 6765043

  • Support for the Computer Laboratories
  • Management of Courses Websites
  • Management/Maintenance of Information Technology and Multimedia Equipment

Logistics Services Section
Mr. Arena Ettore
Mr. Cardile Giacomo

  • Front Office (Correspondence/Parcels)
  • Management of Storage Rooms
  • Logistics